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This backlink monitor amalgamates all the necessary features for tracking your backlinks on a single dashboard. It even has features that allow it to automatically report any defective links to Google Webmaster Tools. These tools provide a user friendly interface and intuitive features that make it easier for users to navigate and understand the data. Mailshake is email outreach and sales engagement software with intuitive dashboards and user friendly interface. The ideal anchor text informs people that if they click on that link, they will send information on that phrase. This is an all in one tool for all your online presence needs. SEO toolset that helps you rank higher and get more traffic. If you’re serious about improving your SEO and out ranking your competition, Ahrefs might be the tool for you. Io can do for your business. There is also a free account you can use to test out all the tools using a free account.

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Acquire instant notifications, to show off any changes occurring in your backlinks websites. 95 CAD per month when you pay annually. The “Status” filter gives you a wide range of options for showing backlinks that possess a specific feature. “The tool is perfect for getting organic growth with quality backlinks,” says Saitej Makhijani from SendX. “This page” = External backlinks pointing to a specific page 2. Using Link Explorer, you can generate a complete set of link metrics for your website, including number of referring domains, backlinks, domain authority, and page authority. There are also local SEO companies that tend to focus on helping local business rank in Google maps and for easier local terms. You can choose between “All Backlinks” and “One Backlink Per Domain” modes. If you wanted to check for the same issues on your own, it would be extremely time consuming — particularly as your site grows. Moz Pro grinds out rich backlink data like a well tuned espresso machine, pulling the perfect shot every time. This feature helps OutlookIndia you to. To preserve your business and online reputation, monitor and remove harmful backlinks.

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It has an impressive database of influencers running in millions. This tool is your trusty sidekick, ready to fuel your ride to the pinnacle of backlink success. There is zero cost to use it and all that’s asked by the creator is to make a donation to the project to keep it running. For instance, if you have a technology related site, then the links must arrive from techno sites. Higher tariffs are available upon request. RankerX is good at building Premium Web 2. Email Alerts: You’ll be aware of any changes in your profile, which may help to take timely actions. Ahrefs is a toolset for SEO and marketing. Promote trust between you and potential customers or partners by responding to any comments or feedback on your website or social media accounts.

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Explore this article and choose backlink research tools that will make your SEO work easier and more efficient. However, you as a client can also opt for Se Ranking’s services from other countries if you wish so. I’m an MBA and A former Sales Professional with a knack for experimenting with Content and Copywriting. Semrush is one of the most robust backlink analysis tools offering more than 48 tools and reports. In this post, we’ll be comparing the best tools to help you analyze and find backlinks on the web. My only question is, will it be yours.

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99 per month for the API plan. When your Keyword Position increases, you will be able to monitor how much more traffic your website gets from Search Engines and how valuable the new links are. Overall, SE ranking backlink checker is an amazing competitor backlink checker to view backlinks and create a solid link building strategy. Once you’ve identified your closest organic competitor, you can plug their domain into the Backlinks tool and use various filters on the generated report to uncover the most authoritative backlinks pointing to your competitor’s website. Semrush checks virtually every box such as keyword tracking, site crawling, backlink analytics, and Application Programming Interface API access for third party integrations. You can do it manually, or you can use some sort of backlink monitoring tool. Just as a carpenter can’t build without a hammer, you can’t analyze your site’s off page SEO without a backlink checker. The one listed in my screenshot below is purely for an example, I haven’t had to disavow any links for this site thankfully. Call today at 800 303 3510 to speak with one of our Professional Growth Experts or click here for your free 60 second site scan. The fixation of consumer culture on the digital world has influenced this bullish outlook. Its major features include email reports, SEO metrics, link analytics, link visualize, export to Excel and PDF, easy link management, new links discovery, Moz data, multi user support, and an easy Disavow tool. This plan also incorporates Majestic link rating, allows you to enroll up to three users as team members, and gives you data exporting. Cherry pick the choicest ones and plant the seeds for your own backlink garden.


The user needs to just enter the URL and the detailed report on the backlink profile will appear. Site Checker is a useful backlink tracking tool designed for SEO and marketing specialists to monitor their website’s backlinks. Our backlink management tool allows you to create subaccounts with access only to selected projects for your teammates and independent contractors. Keep links that help their rankings, watch out for new links that potentially hurt you. Moz is one of the top backlink tools in the market. For observation, most people are dividing them into these groups. The Backlink Analytics tool also shows the authority score of domains to help you evaluate how their backlinks will impact your SEO or your competitors’. Moreover, the tool sends email notifications when there are any changes to the website’s backlinks, such as when new links are gained or lost.


Did you the sites it made links from. Check success metrics including Domain Authority DA, Page Authority PA, Spam Score, and complete link counts to any site. India’s electoral system, which produces genuine leaders, must be designed for the country’s long term growth. There are two phases on how to monitor backlinks. The need for fraud prevention in the digital world is critical now more than ever. That lead to non existent 404’d pages. Rev up your engines with Majestic – the turbocharged backlink checker tool that leaves competitors in the dust. In this article, we’ll show you how to manage your backlinks effectively and introduce LinkChecker Pro, the ultimate backlink management software for professional link builders and teams. With Sitechecker, you can quickly and easily import important links from Ahrefs or GSC, saving you time and effort. Then wait for the notification that the task was completed successfully. Ahrefs has a huge backlink database and a beautiful user interface for effortless navigation. To have a healthy link profile and raise your website’s search engine rankings, you must balance the two sorts of connections.


Use the Linked pages tool to find out which pages on your site get linked to the most, then get to work on similar content. Although Brand24 isn’t really a tool to monitor backlinks, it can be used to boost your link building efforts. And if you want to rank on the first page of Google, this data is particularly valuable. Thank you for all the information in your article. BuzzSumo’s backlink feature lets you see the pages and domains linking to a site. There is a detailed review of what monitoring instruments the tool can offer in the first part and a step by step guide checklist, how to use all backlink monitor tools and how to improve the effect from backlink promotion using this tool. Common Ninja has a large selection of powerful WordPress plugins that are easy to use, fully customizable, mobile friendly and rich with features — so be sure to check them out. For example, bad backlinks can tarnish your website’s reputation. Ubersuggest is one of the newer SEO tools to make this list. I’m the founder of Launch Space. You can also monitor all mentions about your brand that you meet across the web.

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You can choose Ahrefs to analyze your backlinks and check where they’re coming from. Just click on the site listing in Ahrefs, and you’ll be prompted to enter all of the necessary data for your site, including the URLs. These packages can be installed using the pip install command. As your site grows, you will probably find that it doesn’t offer enough to meet your needs. When choosing a backlink management tool, it’s essential to consider the key features that will help you effectively manage and optimize your backlinks. A backlink, also known as an “inbound link” or “incoming link,” is a hyperlink from one website to another. There is also a link auditing feature, which can help you eliminate bad, toxic links and optimize your site.

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By using this platform, you can reach a wide audience and share the images, videos, and blogs that would attract them. It gives you all the metrics you need to evaluate the strength of the site’s backlink profile and referring domains, including total referring domains, backlinks, dofollow/nofollow ratio, Alexa rank, first seen/last seen date, etc. SE Ranking’s backlink management feature is handy for tracking costs associated with links. It allows you to listen to conversations on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Link builders resort to using low quality methods in their work sometimes. You also get comprehensive data on each link, including. Why use it: Moz is the authority in SEO. Pricing: $49 $99 per month. Use your backlink analysis tool to identify high authority domains linking to your site. “All pages on this domain” = External backlinks pointing to your complete website on a specific domain. You can see from the picture that you can “Pause monitoring”, “Remove from monitoring”, and “Resume monitoring” the backlinks you want.

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SEOs believe that the more reputable a site is the more value a link from that site will have. Ahrefs is a powerful backlink tool that provides valuable insights for SEO. More importantly, it shows the ratio. This tool monitors the websites competing for your keywords and analyzes their backlinks using over 400 different search engines. Some tools offer a free trial, while others require a one time payment. By picking the best one for your business from this list of backlink analysis tools, you can boost your website’s credibility and rank higher on Google search results. SE Ranking is a much simpler tool than Ahrefs or Semrush, but it can be equally helpful for backlink monitoring. And another great thing is the possibility to google disawow urls. It’s also important to focus on building high quality backlinks from reputable sources, rather than just trying to accumulate as many backlinks as possible.


Knowing the status and quality of your backlinks, as well as the link profiles is essential for the health of your website and the success of your brand’s profile. Tons of granular keyword data. 99 per month, which includes everything in the first two plans. Monitor Backlinks sends your reports whizzing to your inbox – so you don’t even need to log onto your account to find out what’s going on with your or your competitors’ site link profile. Keeping a track of Domain Authority, Relevance, Site Quality and Engagement scores are important ways to measure the impact of backlinks on search engines. These metrics help you identify domains with a higher authority. See who is linking to you and research your best performing content. This user friendly tool offers everything you need to perform a comprehensive analysis of your website’s backlinks. Once you exceed the daily query limit, you can get further access by setting up a free account. We have given you a free Google Sheets Template, which you can use to track your backlinks manually. With a backlink report, you get a detailed backlink analysis, which can help you assess your site wide links. All of this help you build higher quality link profile.

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Not to make you suspicious, but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on those responsible for your company’s online activities. It provides a detailed report for any of your submitted URLs. This post explains how to keep track of your inbound links external links to your site with the help of LinkAssistant. They’re a great contributing factor to your website’s growth and rankings, which is of utmost importance to any business. The right tools can help streamline your link building efforts and help you maintain a strong backlink profile. To do this, you select all your backlinks by clicking on the checkboxes as shown in the picture. You can also get a free trial for the Premium one. Check which of your backlinks are indexed in Google. I have researched and tested these tools myself to ensure that they are effective and reliable.

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In my opinion, it’s the cheapest and best SEO tool on the Internet. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. No apps/cards required. Linkody is another must have link building software for your kitty this year. While Ubersuggest is most noted for its keyword prowess, it is also quite an effective backlink tracking tool. Here are the best tools in this part. It includes additional layers of information like link context, topical links, and filter results by nearby backlinks. Backlink checkers use different scores to suggest how strong a backlink is.

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This is done so that a site can discount the value of ‘bad’ backlinks in order to avoid link based penalties. Given Netpeak Spider’s narrow set of features, it’s best for link building and cleaning up your websites — plus, you should already be confident in your core SEO strategy. A link checker crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links. You can also contact the support team to make a custom plan for you. The best backlink monitoring tools provide detailed information about the links in their reports. 90/mo and goes up to $89. When it comes to plans and pricing, there are a few different options depending on what you might be looking for. One that I really like is that you can set up email notifications for new backlinks. Furthermore, a visual update gave the application a new, attractive design and made it much easier to use. Diib also is a global SEO company and if you are too busy to do our automated recommendations, we are happy to help. The plans are pretty expensive, but the amounts of data and opportunities it provides are usually worth it. I won’t bother you with the mantra: “Content is King”, oh sorry just did ; But if you don’t have any interesting quality content, it will be pretty hard to get results from your link building efforts. See how sites are linking to you with the full anchor text data for every link, URL, and domain.

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This feature saves a lot of time — filling in thousands of backlinks manually would take weeks. Links from high quality sites with a strong reputation in your niche will carry more weight than links from low quality sites. The free version allows exporting up to 100 backlinks in. The Ultimate WordPress Toolkit. Armed with this arsenal, Sarah’s fitness empire skyrockets. With Hexowatch, you have the power to monitor all the backlinks to your website without the hassles of traditional backlinks monitoring. Linkio checks new and lost links daily to ensure you don’t miss opportunities for higher rankings. It includes almost all the main features. When I first started using Sitechecker, I had no trouble at all getting in touch with the support team.


Lastly, don’t forget about Plerdy. The discussion of the best SEO software can go on almost forever, but experts do agree on one thing. This allows it to become more popular, thereby increasing your chances of converting them into customers. Again, Moz won this round. Pro is Backlink Checking Tool. We are now featured on Product Hunt. We embed our coding into the Google Sheets Script editor. You can spy your competitors’ best content as well as can see people who shared that content on their social media profiles. I found many links and domains which are not even found with AHREFS. I’m in the grooveNow do you love me. Its functionality and tools make it perfect for anyone who wants to track links.

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Either way, after you’ve chosen your preferred approach, you want to schedule time in your work calendar for when you will regularly monitor your backlinks. That is why monitoring backlinks with the help of backlink monitoring tools has become a fundamental part of SEO and online marketing strategies. Simply find the contact details of the admins and webmasters where your unlinked mentions are and ask them to link back to your website. Our SEO course covers all these key skills and how they coordinate to become an effective marketing strategy. The tool and company has gone through some ups and downs over the last few years. I’ll probably add the options below, in the next couple of months. Add your link and check if it is do follow or no follow, live or not. “The tool is perfect for getting organic growth with quality backlinks,” says Saitej Makhijani from SendX. Use this tool to check your site for links or upload them from Google Search Console. Top alternatives PAID. Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation. It gives us greater exposure and, if readers continue seeing our company mentioned across other blog posts, it builds our social proof, as well. Handy stats tell you how many links from a specific domain are dofollow and nofollow.


We always try to reduce the price. It shows every backlink to your website on the current page, but it does not find all the backlinks. You can then filter out the social media you want to get as many links as possible from blogs, forums, news, etc. This lets you see the sites that link to a particular URL or domain. This gives a more complete picture of the backlink profile than using a single tool. Here is information about whether the page can be indexed at all. This package is good for the new sites, as your site grows and acquire more backlinks you can easily upgrade to the advanced package. Ahrefs backlink results page. This tool may be used to remove spammy or low quality backlinks that could be hurting your website’s search engine results. There are other features to consider when choosing a backlink monitor, to narrow down your choices even further. Even if it’s cheaper than its cloud based competitors, SEO SpyGlass doesn’t compromise on features. Its advantages also include real time statistics updates and email notifications. You do not need technical expertise or the employment of a professional to optimize your website for search engines with this plugin used by over 3 million professionals.

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Copy the backlink profile for your website and paste it into the tool. But this isn’t the only use for backlink software. If you need help with something specific, then I recommend using the live chat option as it allows you to talk directly with a representative from Support. Clients such as eBay, Overstock and SEO Book have already successfully utilized SEM Rush for marketing with SEO needs. Semrush offers a vast online Help Centre, complete webinars, e books, podcasts and how to articles. The platform checks your backlink profile everyday to help you figure out if a particular backlink is broken or still valid. You can download SEO Spyglass and analyze up to 1100 backlinks for free. You’ll find detailed overviews of free and paid tools perfect for SEO agencies, small businesses, startups, and individuals.